Vocus Content Marketing Campaign

My wife, daughter Soleil and I meet Elisabeth Moss.

Geoff Livingston signed a contract with PR-software company Vocus in 2012 to turn around its content marketing efforts and online brand reputation. The effort began with a content marketing initiative that increased the Vocus blog’s online traffic and inbound demo leads by more than 400% in a three month period.

Phase two included a heavy influencer outreach strategy that saw Vocus working publicly with some of the industry’s top-ranked influencers. The brand hired and worked with luminaries such as Brian Solis, Seth Godin, and Jay Baer to create videos and online guides (see discussion here). Couple with an intentional campaign to directly respond to online complaints, the influence campaign helped turn the brand’s reputation around.

Seth Godin is interviewed by Vocus VP of Brand Erin McCahill

Finally, the content marketing strategy built events starting and ending with the Demand Success conference in Washington, DC which hosted more than 1000 communications professionals. These events served as PR opportunities both with the media and online, and featured major keynote speakers like Arianna Huffington, Adrian Grenier, Avinash Kaushik, and Elisabeth Moss. The conference also provided sales opportunities to close business with prospective customers.

Google Analytics pioneer Avinash Kaushik speaks at Vocus’ Demand Success. 

In addition to the Demand Success Conference, the team added specialized events at Google HQ in Silcon Valley, Washington, DC, and SxSW. Like Demand Success these events drover public awareness, social media

In April of 2014 Vocus was acquired by industry competitor Cision for $446 million. Geoff Livingston’s work with Vocus concluded shortly after the management team left the brand.