Strategy and Measurement

Google Analytics pioneer Avinash Kaushik speaks at Vocus’ Demand Success, the capstone tactic in a yearlong strategy I developed for Vocus. Photo credit: Geoff Livingston

Building out a marketing strategy, a content marketing campaign, or simply understanding how to measure success requires experience combined with adaptability. With an ever-shifting media strategy, your customers view your outreach as a total experience. Offline and online blend into one perception of your brand.

Use data to understand how to reach customers. Delight them with your communications. Compel them to act. Measure your successes. Optimize and adapt to increase performance.

This is today’s marketing lifecycle. It combines utilization of current technologies blended with creative savoir-faire.

Content Marketing

This was the featured image in the 2016 Trioplan 50 Kickstarter campaign we launched that generated more than $650,000 in sales. Image by Tamara Skudies.

Most content marketers focus on creating “valuable” and useful” content. But let’s be candid, that’s not enough. There are too many brands out there creating vanilla digital content.

Your content needs to delight customers. That means telling a great story that not only offers pragmatic usefulness, but also entertains your customers.

Some ways I help brands delight customers with a better story:

  • Blend photography and graphics to make your message come alive, and pop on any customer device.
  • Build events that deliver your message, generate months of content, and create an air of excitement around your offering.
  • Deliver digital content in a manner that surpasses the average talking-head “thought leadership” article.
  • Inspire social word of mouth rather than posting and running.

Work with me to make your story come alive today!

Wildlife Works Rangers Take In the Sunrise, image taken by me on behalf of Audi USA.

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