PODCAST: Conscious Marketing 2.4 – The Power of Language

Tamsen Webster on predefined meaning in language.

Episode 4 of The Conscious Marketing Podcast: The Power of Language opens the can of worms wide open and takes a look at the power of language. We are joined by marketing industry expert Tamsen Webster to take a deep look in the mirror and discuss the role of self-talk, brand messaging and how it all ties together to ask, “do our words really matter?”

We get personal as we reveal what the voices in our head say, how it finds it’s way into our work, what brands can do differently and the true impact our words have on society. Then we uncover solid strategies for brands to create brand messages that have integrity and consonance with who they truly are.

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Nichole on Inspiration

Geoff on Warby Parker

Tamsen Webster on Congruence

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