Three Types of Campaigns

Want to work with me? Choose from three types of marketing campaigns.

Online Fundraising

Nonprofit giving days, social fundraisers, and Kickstarter campaigns.

Product Launches

New equipment, service, or software offering strategies and execution.

Corporate Initiatives

Major events, and corporate initiatives, including research support.

Sometimes you just need help on a major fundraising campaign, project launch, or corporate initiative. Get experienced strategy and execution without long-term obligations. Livingston Campaigns serves education, nonprofit, and technology companies and organizations.

Past Works

Experience matters. Some of my favorite campaigns ever!
Give Local America

Give Local America

National Giving Event

More than $100 million raised to support tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations.

Taken on behalf of Pearson Education at the Minnesota Alliance for Youth office.

Minnesota Alliance for Youth

Pearson Education

Engaged in a content journalism project to document Pearson's investment in America's Promise via the Minnesota Alliance for Youth.

Carbon Offset

Carbon Offset

Audi USA/Viva Creative

Social documentary of Audi-USA sponsored carbon offset programs in Kenya and Utah.

Demand Success

Demand Success

Vocus Marketing Conference

Award Winner: Built an event that attracted more than 1000 attendees and keynotes like Arianna Huffington.

Meyer Optik Görlitz

Trioplan 50 Kickstarter

Meyer-Optik Goerlitz

More than $600,000 raised on Kickstarter to relaunch this legendary camera lens.

Crisis Data Conference

Crisis Data Conference

American Red Cross

Award Winner: Built a cross disciplinary conference about social crisis data including the director of FEMA and tech bloggers.


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